misc., (2014–)

with Denise Ferreira da Silva, Oyèrónkẹ́ Oyèwùmí, Nawal el Saadawi, Sylvia Wynter + binaural beats for deep healing, 2020, For Women on Aeroplanes, the Johannesburg virtual stopover.

Re-thinking Education as Conversation, (with Alana Blignaut), Ellipses 2 (2017–18)

snow is white and very cold, 2018, mixed media collage, shown at Gallery MOMO Cape Town and Johannesburg, as part of Cape to Tehran, curated by Sepideh Mehraban.

Photographs courtesy of Gallery MOMO, and Sepideh Mehraben.

i just want u around, 2016, three channel video and mixed media installation. (to be played simultaneously)

The title i just want u around is lifted from Lauryn Hill a song on her MTV Unplugged album. This song forms the basis of the sound you hear in the lowest video, made to spill over. A small sample from the guitar riff is slowed, reversed and looped. This work was shown as part of an exhibition by iQhiya at the AVA in Cape Town in 2016.

1–4. The revolution will not be televised

I 2015, monotype print on paper

II 2015, monotype print on paper

III 2015, collage and ink on paper

IV 2015, collage and ink on paper

5–7. The revolution will not be televised, 2015, video installation

Installation at On Site, curated by Michaela Limberis.

Skattrd_Skyz 1– 9, 2014, 35mm image scans edited at back and front end, with jpg code quote.